The Oracle Program

Assess | Analyze | Achieve

The Oracle Program is a proprietary methodology for evaluating and determining student growth relative to the CFP Board’s learning objectives and determining the predicted probability of passing the CFP® Certification Exam.

Best for Universities

Demonstrate student learning to the CFP Board – Ideal for renewal applications

  • Improved reporting to the CFP Board by reporting student growth relative to the Board’s learning objectives
    o    Demonstrable support for renewal applications
  • Pre- and post-course assessments for each course
  • Track student performance on CFP exam relative to pre- and post- course assessments
  • Longitudinal study on all testing and student performance
  • Comparative analysis for students and overall program relative to other universities

Higher likelihood of student success

  • Demonstrable increase in student success throughout the program
  • Monitor, analyze, and report on pass rates for courses and CFP exam
  • Compare education and exam results to other students who have completed the education program and passed the CFP exam

The Oracle Program gleans unparalleled insight into the progression of one student’s learning from the start of the education program through the CFP exam. With strict alignment to the CFP Board’s learning objectives. The Oracle Program offers university administration and educators quality curriculum analysis while offering students best in class paths to success on the CFP exam.


Best for Educators

  • Monitor student progress and growth throughout courses
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses by topic and subtopic
  • Increase overall pass rates


Best for Students

  • Reduce study time on known material
  • Focused studying on weak topics or sub-topics

The Oracle Program consists of exams that have been nationally normalized. All items have been through a 22-step validation process and proprietary examination methodology.


How The Oracle Program Works

1. Education Assessments

    • Comparative analysis against other universities by topic and sub topic
    • Aligned with CFP Board learning objectives
    • Identifies strengths and weaknesses for students and teachers

2. Review Readiness Assessment

    • Accurately assess if students are ready to move on to a CFP exam review
    • Identify weak points for students to re-touch on
    • Comparative analysis versus other university scores

3. Exam Readiness Quiz

    • Accurately assess the predicted probability of students passing the CFP exam
    • Identify weak points for students to re-touch on
    • Comparative analysis versus other university scores

4. CFP Exam Results Comparative Analysis

    • Comparative analysis versus other university pass rates
    • Identify correlation between pre- and post-course assessment scores with students that pass the CFP exam

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