CFP® Certification Capstone Course

Fulfilling the CFP Board's Capstone Course requirement

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals seeking to attain CFP® certification. It includes an assessment of students' abilities to deliver professional and competent financial planning services to the public.

The capstone course consists of both online, self-paced study, and live-online instruction and is presented in two phases.

Phase I:

This phase consists of three online self-paced learning lessons and a midterm exam. During Phase I students are introduced to the financial planning process and taught how to gather and analyze client data, develop recommendations, and read and understand a complete financial plan presentation.

Phase II:

This phase consists of live online lectures that students may attend live or play back online at their convenience. During Phase II, students will watch the instructor develop and deliver a financial plan. Students will use the same techniques to assemble and present their own financial plan.


Cases in Financial Planning, Michael A. Dalton, James F. Dalton, Katheleen F. Oakley is included.

Please Note: The deadline to complete this course is approximately one month prior to the CFP Board’s Education Verification Deadline for each exam.  The CFP Board’s deadlines can be found here:  Please contact an enrollment advisor if you have timing questions before enrolling in this course.

Students have 12 months from date of enrollment to complete this course. Users will have access to the financial statements website for one year from the date of registration. Once one year has expired, each user account will be removed from the website. Users may print or export reports from their account but may not transfer case information between accounts.