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    Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™: What You Need to Know
    Qualifying for a Refund

    To qualify for the money-back portion of The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™, students must: 

    1. Pass the Exam Readiness Quiz: 
Achieve a 70% or higher on the Exam Readiness Quiz as a part of The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™. The Exam Readiness Quiz is available one time per CFP® exam cycle. CFP® exam cycles occur three times a year, in March, July, and November.

    2. Notify Within 30 Days of the Exam: 
Notify Dalton Education in writing within thirty days of the CFP® Exam results’ release date.

    3. Send the Exam Report and Pass/Fail Document: 
Provide Dalton Education with their CFP® Exam diagnostic report and pass/fail document issued by the CFP Board within thirty days of the exam results’ release date.

    Refund and Resource Options for Failed Students

    Students who are eligible and fail the CFP® exam have two options:

    1. Continue to access The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™ classes and study materials at no additional cost. This option does not include a refund.

    2. Withdraw and receive a full refund. If they choose the refund, they must return all books and materials and will lose access to The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™ resources.

    Failure to Terms

    If a student fails to meet the terms and conditions of The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass™, the guarantee between the student and Dalton Education will be voided. The Guarantee to Pass™ contract on file includes the deadline for taking the CFP® exam, and failing to meet that deadline will also void the agreement.

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