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Dalton, But Better

Dalton Education has joined forces with three other leading financial education companies to form CeriFi, a diversified education, training and certification provider. Together, with Pass Perfect, Keir, and Money Education, Dalton Education is now part of a powerful grouping that serves professionals across the financial services market.

CeriFi provides financial education for every career stage, from preparing college students to enter the field with industry-leading textbooks and the top SIE exam prep course, to securities licensing and CFP® education courses. CeriFi combines best-in-class training materials, adaptive e-learning software, and experienced instructors for swift career advancement. We guarantee it.

Plus, Dalton Education’s not going away. We remain focused on what we have always done best: providing innovative education for financial professionals. We are keeping our name, our people, our culture and all the things that have made us the first name in CFP® education.

We are Dalton Education, a CeriFi company. Always invested in your future.


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