Your House or Ours?

    Your House or Ours?

    The traditional delivery system for the majority of higher education courses has been sitting in a classroom listening to a professor lecture. The students are able to interact with their professor and peers, sharing ideas and communicating without any barriers.

    But in recent years, the shift from the traditional classroom to online courses is greatly increasing and students all over the country are benefiting in numerous ways. Due to the ease of accessibility, course documents, online lectures, homework, and even exams can be obtained from the comfort of your own home, practically anywhere in the world. And after years of studies and testing, online learning is quickly gaining acceptance from the education industry as a productive way of obtaining your degree.

    While both traditional classes and online classes have their own pros and cons, some advantages to online learning include alternative methods of communicating between student and professor, increased individualized attention through private email and chat, as well as the flexibility that a traditional classroom just can’t provide. Each student will ultimately benefit the most by the type of instruction that meets their individual needs, but if you are struggling with maintaining a structured classroom schedule, then maybe online learning is for you.

    Dalton Education offers both traditional classroom lectures as well as online courses to accommodate all types of learners. Let us help you find your perfect fit today.

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