The Ron Blue Institute CFP® Certificate Program is the only program in the country that meets the educational requirements for both the CFP® Certification Examination and the Certified Kingdom Advisor Certification Examination simultaneously. The Ron Blue Institute provides two options for doing this: the Self-Paced Certificate and the Online, Instructor Led Certificate.

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Ron Blue Institute CFP® Certificate Program

The Plan Presentation course consists of both online, self-paced study combined with live-online instruction. Students will learn how to prepare and present a financial plan with a biblical worldview by going through the 19 Certified Kingdom Advisors modules and then using financial planning software and multiple approaches to identify and plan for a client's goals and risks. This course does fulfill the CFP Board's Capstone Course requirement.

Please Note: The deadline to complete this course is approximately one month prior to the CFP Board’s Education Verification Deadline for each exam.  The CFP Board’s deadlines can be found here: Please contact an enrollment advisor if you have timing questions before enrolling in this course.  Students have 6 months from the date of purchase to complete the Capstone Course.