2024 QuickSheets Set


    This complete tax and financial planning reference tool is packed with performance-critical information delivered in a concise, full-color format. QuickSheets are a handy way for professionals, educators, and students to save time and enhance learning. 2024 QuickSheets may be pre-purchased and will be expected to ship mid-February.

    For students, QuickSheets cover all major points (and most minor ones) in your course and on the CFP® exam.

    • Include up-to-date information

    • Reduce study and research time

    • Focus on “hot topics” for the CFP® exam

    • Reinforce and enhance learning

    This set includes all QuickSheets titles:

    • Fundamentals, Part 1 & 2

    • Insurance and Social Security

    • Investments and Formulas

    • Income Tax, Part 1 & 2

    • Retirement, Part 1 & 2

    • Estates

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