Financial Planning Preview Course

Have You Heard What Financial Planning Can Do For You?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 15% employment growth from 2016 to 2026 for financial planner; this dwarfs the 7% average employment projections for all other occupations. Financial planner have limitless earning potential. The national median wage for personal financial advisors was $90,530 in May 2016!

Financial planners and advisors have the opportunity to earn more, enjoy career flexibility, growth, and high job satisfaction. Could this be the career for you?


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The Dalton Education Financial Planning
Preview Course Will help You:

  • Get the job: Demonstrate an interest and aptitude for financial planning to prospective employers.
  • Help Others: Certificate holders are positioned for potential job offers from major financial firms.
  • Build Your Future: Learn personal financial planning skills that benefit the student throughout their lifetime.

Gain exposure to opportunities, potential earnings, and career paths as a financial advisor or financial planner while earning a certificate that you can share with potential employers.

Our Financial Planning Preview Course is designed for college students who may be interested in how financial planning could be an exciting and lucrative career path.


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Employers are actively seeking interns and recruits who have demonstrable interest in the field and have been introduced to basic financial planning concepts. Prove yourself today!

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