Coronavirus Update for Prospective & Current Students

Prospective Students: Prepare yourself and your clients for volatile markets

The good news: This crisis will pass. Financial advisors with CFP® certification that have developed expertise across multiple disciplines including investments, retirement planning, and estate planning will be able to better serve their clients. CFP® professional’s book of business is less likely to be subject to the whims of the market, because they are better able to serve clients through more than investment advice alone.  

Dalton Education is committed to your career success. We partner with elite universities across the country to provide the finest CFP education available. We offer 100% online classes and testing - you can work towards your certification from the comfort of your own home. We’ll work with you to find payment terms that fit your budget.

Don’t let short-term market challenges delay you from CFP® certification. Enroll now and gain the confidence and expertise you need by becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.

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Current Students

In this challenging economic market, along with the personal and professional stresses it brings, we remain committed to supporting your goal of becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.  We, at Dalton Education, are proud of you for entering into the journey to obtain your CFP® certification.  We remain fully operational and committed to support you, our valued student.

As you are well aware, COVID-19 has introduced extraordinary levels of economic uncertainty and investor anxiety into global markets. As you work to calm clients to stay the course and keep a long-term time horizon in mind, we wanted to recognize you for your hard work during this market volatility.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to continue supporting your pursuit of the CFP® Certification. We can be reached at 877.426.2373 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to help.