The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass

CFP® Review

The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass

With The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass, we guarantee you will pass the CFP® exam the first time or we’ll refund 100% of your enrollment costs! Simply score 70% or better on our exam readiness quiz. Students that score 60% or higher on the exam readiness quiz have an 88% pass rate on the CFP® exam and historically half of our students score 60% or higher.

The Dalton Review® Guarantee to Pass includes everything in The Dalton Review® plus additional benefits highlighted below.

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Pre-Study Program

100-125 Hours of Preparation

The pre-study program is designed to give students the foundational knowledge to prepare them for The Dalton Review®, and ultimately, the CFP® Exam. Students should budget approximately 100-125 hours to complete the pre-study portion of The Dalton Review® which consists of the following:

Pre-Study Booklets

In this section of pre-study, we provide five booklets on the core areas addressed in the CFP® exam. They include:

  • Fundamentals & Insurance
  • Investments
  • Income Tax
  • Retirement & Employee Benefits
  • Estate 

The pre-study booklets consist of study notes, practice questions, review questions, released exam questions and exam tips. Students should expect to work through the pre-study booklets prior to attending the review classes.

Look inside a PRE-study booklet

Instructor Office Hours

Our instructors have assigned office hours in our virtual classroom on Fridays the month preceding the review to answer any student questions. For a complete schedule of our instructor office hours, please go here.

Also includes:
  • 100-question review readiness quiz to evaluate our Guarantee to Pass students' collective strengths and weaknesses, with customized supplemental lectures tailored to address those unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Individual coaching session to outline the study tools and schedule needed to help students make the most efficient use of their time and pass the CFP® exam the first attempt.
  • Flashcards
  • Financial Calculator Essentials Book
  • The Dalton CFP® Professional T-shirt


Live Review Classes

36 Hours of Classroom Instruction

Students can take their review class either in our virtual classroom or in a traditional classroom setting.

The virtual classroom sessions are live online with instructors and students communicating in real-time. Students are welcome to attend all of the virtual classroom sessions for a particular review cycle. Students opting to take the traditional classroom review will also have access to the live virtual classroom sessions.

Both virtual and traditional classroom review students will have access to the recorded virtual classroom lectures for playback at any time. All online classes are recorded and available for playback if you are unable to attend the live class.

During the review, instructors will cover the most important topics on the exam. Instructors will lecture on topics and provide example questions, similar to those on the exam, released by the CFP Board.


Students can take the virtual classroom review over two weekends or four consecutive days. The traditional classroom review is offered at one of our convenient locations and be taken over four consecutive days.

To see as schedule of our upcoming virtual classroom review courses, go here.

Our traditional classroom review courses are offered in the following locations:

   Atlanta  •  Boston  •   Charlotte  •  Chicago  •  Dallas  •  Houston  •  New York City  •  Los Angeles/Irvine  •  San Francisco  •  Washington, DC.

To see the locations and a schedule of our upcoming traditional classroom review courses, go here.

Exam-Focused Handout Book

Students will review course students will receive an exam-focused handout book that guides them through the review and is the perfect summary for what may be on the exam. The handout book has been designed with the help of instructors that served on the CFP Board of Examiners (now CFP Board's Council on Examinations). All relevant topics are covered and followed by examples of questions that may be on the exam.

Also includes:

Guarantee to Pass students have a specialized eReview. These reviews go into greater detail on exam topics and are based on the results from the review readiness quiz. There are also weekly supplemental lectures based on individual and collective class test results, with diagnostic question/answer analysis.


Post-Review Program

40-60 Hour of Preparation

Post-Review Office Hours

The post-review Q&A lectures are an opportunity to ask any remaining questions from the review and to receive last minute instruction on any topic of the student's choice. The post-review Q&A sessions are held in our virtual classroom and are recorded for playback at a later time.


Once the student completes the pre-study program and review, they will be ready for the testbank. The testbank contains approximately 2,000 multiple-choice questions similar to those on the CFP® Exam. The tests are timed and include logic and concepts with each question – supplying instant feedback. Students have access to the testbank throughout the entire review process and can create custom quizzes by sub-topics to test themselves on their weakest topics.

Study Guide

Students should complete the study guide which contains released cases from prior CFP® exams and practice questions. The study guide includes time value of money questions, comprehensive cases and a practice exam.

Also includes:

An individual coaching session, based upon exam readiness results, by a Dalton faculty member to help students with final preparations for the CFP® exam.