Every Money Education™ text is a real textbook crammed with Key Concepts, Quick Quizzes, Clear Explanations, Illustrative Charts and Graphs, and End-of-Chapter Questions. Inside every text, you’ll find more Explanatory Examples than any other such academic/reference text. Money Education authors and other seasoned financial experts are also available to answer questions and assist with curriculum design and teaching methodology.

    • Every title features the ideal mix of theory and application.

    • Most titles are available digitally and in print.

    • Digital titles read the text aloud.

    • Digital is mobile-friendly, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

    • All titles are designed for fast and easy learning.

    • Everything required by the CFP Board is included.

    • Authors are experienced teachers and practitioners.

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    7th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-39-7

    Here are all the essential basics of financial planning woven into the realities of working with real clients and building a successful practice. Using real data and relevant case examples, Fundamentals of Financial Planning takes you logically through the process of client behavior, motivation and risk management, education funding and investment management, and the critical influence of time on the value of money.

    Single textbook: Financial Planning for the textbook page

    7th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-31-1

    Insurance is complicated, by design. Understanding it doesn’t have to be. Life is a series of risk management decisions and that includes insurance. Here is how to know all the ways insurance can and should be used to mitigate risk. This text guides you through the basics of life, health, disability insurance, long-term care, property and liability insurance. Readers will soon understand risk retention, avoidance and shifts; and how to avoid the sidetracking of life plans by unexpected and uncovered risk.

    Michael A. Dalton, Joseph M. Gillice, Thomas P. Langdon

    Individual Textbook: INSURANCE PLANNING


    2nd Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-11-3

    Our lives are all about investing in the future with hope of a return. The key is managing the risk of hope with knowledgeable expectations of return from an investment framework that includes preservation of capital, production of income, and growth in value. Investment Planning; Concepts and Strategy blends this theoretical investment framework with practical knowledge of securities, portfolio management, asset allocation and implementation.

    James F. Dalton, James M. Forjan

    Individual Textbook: INVESTMENT PLANNING

    14th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-09-0

    How many Ph.Ds, JDs, CPAs, CFPs and CFAs does it take to write a really, really good text on income tax planning? Two, two, two, three, and one, respectively. Plus, every one of the text’s authors has taught and practiced individual tax. That’s a lot of brainy, real-world perspective packed into one book. Anyone who reads this text will come away with the confidence of understanding the Form 1040 and knowing how to competently prepare a return.

    Michael A. Dalton, Joseph M. Gillice, Thomas P. Langdon

    Individual Textbook: INCOME TAX PLANNING


    17th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-13-7

    Everything about money changes with retirement. This comprehensive text explains all the ways to make retirement work. How much is needed to retire? How much money is really money in a retirement plan? With this text, you’ll know. How can you save a business owner $40,000, while contributing only $200 for younger employees? Is it better to tax today or during retirement? The answers are inside.

    James F. Dalton, James M. Forjan

    individual Textbook: RETIREMENT PLANNING

    12th Edition ISBN-978-1-946711-00-7

    That is the essence of Estate Planning: controlling the movement of money during life, and after death, so it goes where it is supposed to go—and not somewhere else. Inside this text are the six critical documents for estate planning that everyone needs; the certainties surrounding death taxes; the five types of property ownership; the hows and whys of interest transfer and taxation of loved ones; and probate— simplification and avoidance.

    Michael A. Dalton, Joseph M. Gillice, Thomas P. Langdon

    individual Textbook: ESTATE PLANNING


    Did you know that a personal financial statement is really a story? Better financial planners know how preparing and analyzing personal financial statements is not all numbers. Inside Cases in Financial Planning: Analysis and Preparation are the real stories of how to create a sound client relationship in order to implement a sound financial plan.Michael A. Dalton, James F. Dalton, Katheleen F. Oakley

    Individual Textbook: CASES IN FINANCIAL PLANNING

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