Closing the Diversity Gap

Dalton’s Diversity Initiative aims to change the face of financial planning.

Although the needs for the shifting American demographics are changing, the faces in the financial planning profession have been slow to reflect this. The demand for racial and gender diverse planners and advisors has become so apparent that in 2017, the CFP Board introduced a diversity initiative aimed to recruit minority individuals into the financial planning field. With only 6% of financial planners reported as African-American and 32% as women, closing the gap between the demographics the clients we serve and the advisors and planners serving them has become a crucial task for the future of the profession.

Why Dalton Wants to Change the Face of Financial Planning


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According to Joe Gillice, president of Dalton Education, “There are two important goals with our diversity initiative.  First, we want to bring about a new, more diverse group into the field of financial planning.  This will help our industry better serve our diverse communities.  Second, at Dalton Education, we know that the skills students gain from attending a financial planning education program are invaluable.   These skills benefit students throughout their lifetime as they navigate their own personal finances.”

How We Are Closing the Diversity Gap

Dalton Education is launching three unique programs to help prospective minority financial planning professionals gain inroads into the field ultimately earn their CFP® certification.

For those interested in the field:

  • Dalton is launching the Financial Planning Preview Course. This course outlines what it means to be a financial planner and is targeted towards college students who may not yet know what financial planning entails or career changers looking to begin their journey into financial planning.
  • The Scholars Program is designed to grow interest for the financial planning profession within minority groups by offering financial assistance for the Financial Planning Preview Course.

For those ready to take the next step:

  • Dalton Education is proud to offer financial assistance for CFP® certification education products to minority individuals who are not currently planners or advisors.

The Scholars Program: Addressing the lack of gender and racial diversity in the financial planning profession by attracting and developing financial planners who are more representative of the population they serve. Providing financial service firms an opportunity to purchase our Financial Planning Preview course at a discount and offer those courses to diverse students attending specific university partners.

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Financial Planning Preview Course: As a leading provider of innovative financial planning education, Dalton is proud to announce our Financial Planning Preview course designed to introduce undergraduate and graduate students to career opportunities in the field of financial planning.

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Financial Assistance for minority individuals who are looking to begin a career in the industry up to $3,000 towards CFP® certification education. We want to bolster the number of educated and credentialed minority individuals in the financial field by helping career changers and new-to-the-field professionals earn their CFP® certification.


Introducing our Women’s Initiative: Bringing female career changers and new-to-the-field professionals one step closer to becoming an educated financial planning leader. Financial assistance for CFP® certification education are available to those who qualify.

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