An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest


Benjamin Franklin authored “The Way to Wealth” – our country’s first book of financial advice back in 1758.  It was one of his most famous writings and endures still today.  He understood the value in sound financial advice.  He also understood the correlation between education and its significant return on investment.

Franklin wrote: “…let us harken to good advice and something may be done for us.”  Financial Planners hold such importance in their clients’ lives.  Whether it is managing a young couple’s nest egg or an affluent client’s multi-million dollar investment portfolio –the importance to each is equal.  I recently met a gentleman who shared with me the fact that his Financial Planner was his most trusted and closest friend.   He told me that her CFP credential confirmed that she saw him as more than just a client.   Her continued education was an investment in him.

Franklin was full of practical wisdom.  “A penny saved, is a penny earned” … or “One today is worth two tomorrows” … I love that one.  Why put off tomorrow what you can do today?  Earn a credential that will distinguish you as a true professional and as a trusted advisor and confidant to your clients.  Would you wait to take advantage of a stock that guaranteed a 30% return on your investment?  I think not.  Studies have shown that those attaining their CFP® credentials increase their earnings by 30%.     

Top financial firms understand the value in advisors holding this distinction, many offering tuition reimbursement to associates that attain their CFP® designations.   Do you think Benjamin Franklin would have taken advantage of such a benefit if it were available to him?  “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”-BF.  He would have jumped at the opportunity.

Franklin expounded wisdom of gaining and maintaining wealth to the nation, while making each individual feel as if he were writing exclusively to them.  This is a distinct quality of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER.   The next time you pull out a Benjamin – keep in mind that you can grow your business and gain distinction as a master of your craft by simply investing in a little more knowledge.  
Tondeleo Day

Senior Enrollment Advisor

Dalton Education