What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

Customer service has no strict definition as it means different things to different people.  In fact, a local radio personality in Atlanta calls it, "customer no service."

The definition that embodies customer service, according to Dalton Education, is the "process of creating a competitive advantage through added benefits in an effort to maximize client value."

At Dalton Education, our number one goal is to inform and educate our clients so they will be able to achieve their personal and professional goals.  Our instructors and many of our staff have obtained various professional designations through a number of different providers.  The constant theme in everyone's studies was the lack of prompt responses to questions.  This causes the student to "spin their wheels" and waste time when an instructor explanation could clear the issue up immediately.

The Dalton Education staff is always working to make our materials better, create new programs, and teach our clients.  Regardless of what is going on in the office, we are always available to answer questions.  In fact, that is our first priority!  Email a question or call the office and you will have a response within 24 hours (most likely, within an hour).

You can compare price, client success rates, quantity of practice materials, history of material writers, etc.  Dalton Education is the highest value, has spectacular client success, provides the very best in education materials and thousands of practice questions, and our writers have participated in certification board writing sessions and examination reviews. But this isn't enough for us.  Our dedication to customer service is second to none!

Bryan Strike

Senior Content Developer