Have You Ever Wished You Could Rewind Time and Change Your Career Path?


Do you have this lingering feeling of unhappiness in your current  position? Have you considered becoming a CFP® licensee yet continue to put it off  because you are scared it would be too difficult?

I majored in marketing in college, which I "liked" and still "like";  however, looking back, I wish I would have been a veterinarian. That's a little difficult to start working on now as it requires 4-6 years of  full-time studying. Not sure I can swing that with my full-time job, kids and watching my Cowboys and Braves.

One of the great things about changing your career and becoming a CFP® licensee is how easy we make it for you. Dalton Education has many options for your education as well as a review prior to taking the exam, and it doesn't  take years or a home mortgage to accomplish!!! In less than ONE year,  you can complete your education, take a review course and pass the CFP® exam. This can all be done while still working full-time. There aren't  many industry fields that allow such a quick and easy transition.

Have you considered becoming a CFP® licensee? Ever really considered the  benefits?Studies have shown that CFP® licensees increase their annual income by over 30%.

  • CFP® professionals have a BETTER understanding of personal financial planning.
  • CFP® professionals offer a broader range of services and diversify their core business.
  • CFP® professionals are less likely to be subjected to the whims of the stock market.
  • A CFP® professional better understands the NEEDS of the client and the products available by the firm.
  • CFP® professionals generate MORE revenue and income per household and client.

Whether or not you need to fulfill the education requirement or just  take a review, we can help you. We have a program and plan that will fit  your needs.


Lisa Russell
Operations Manager
Dalton Education LLC