The 2 Most Powerful Branding Tools in the World of Finance:

 – CFP and the Masters Certificate in Financial Planning

In a sea of more than 630,000 persons categorized as a registered rep as of March 2012, ranging from veterans to novice and everything in between, it can be a daunting task to build a strong brand.  So how does one do it?  How should you do it?  Who has the time?

Well Dalton has made it easy for you to strengthen your impact and increase your client base.  By offering an accelerated, on-line Masters Certificate in Financial Planning, students are able to enroll in our May class or take advantage of our early enrollment incentive for the September Class.  Both programs can be completed in approximately nine months and allow advisors the opportunity to obtain both their Masters Certificate and CFP in less than one year from universities such as NYU, Northwestern, UCLA, Wake Forest, UNLV, University of Miami, University of Richmond, Texas A&M, and University of Texas – Dallas.  Imagine the impact you would have on your clients when you invite them into your office for a consultation and they notice the framed NYU or Northwestern insignia on your wall.  Imagine how your circle of influence will expand being able to connect with local alums.  Imagine how your reach in social media outlets and connections can grow in less than a year.  Instant credibility, instant recognition, instant results.  With so many companies offering untapped resources in the form of educational reimbursement, there really is no excuse.  Now is truly the moment to begin building your brand. 

Hannah Stears
Education Advisor