Rollover Policy

In a continued effort to demonstrate our commitment to students' success, we will be implementing new policies to our virtual CFP education program. The following policies will go into effect January 1, 2018.

Failure to meet the terms and conditions of the signed Guarantee to Pass contract on file, which includes the date by which the CFP examination must be taken, will void the Guarantee to Pass Agreement between the student and Dalton Education.
For example, if you enrolled with the January 2018 cohort, the Guarantee to Pass contract states that you need to take the CFP examination by March 2019, which is two exam cycles upon completion of the education program. If you rolled over to the March or May 2018 cohorts this still allows you to sit for that exam. If you rolled to the September or November 2018 cohorts this would not allow you to sit for that exam thus voiding the money back guarantee.


  • Students are allowed one complimentary rollover at no charge to one of the two next upcoming start dates (cohorts) from the original enrollment cohort.
  • Students requiring extensions beyond two cohorts of original enrollment will pay a $250 fee for each extension required.
  • Students needing reinstatement after an extended break from the program will pay a $250 reinstatement fee.
  • Students need to complete their enrolled education program within four years of enrollment. If students do not complete within the four years, they may re-enroll at the full program price.

For example, if you enrolled in the January 2018 cohort, you may roll over to the March 2018 or May 2018 cohort at no cost. If you choose to roll to the July 2018 cohort, you would pay a $250 extension fee.